Monday, April 27, 2015

Why I Prefer Dota 2 Over League of Legends


Let's Talk A Little About Religion Shall We?

Ooh did you hear the hush that prevailed?

"We do not speak of such a topic, it is taboo!" But why is that the case I wonder? Is it because people are too bloody hypersensitive towards bullshit? We're all taught to respect other peoples' opinions but people take it way too far to the point where discourse is discouraged. Personally, and pardon my Aussie, I find this to be a load of bloody bullshit.

Religion was founded upon ignorance and the fear of death by the masses. Earlier on these ideas were taken on board by political entities in order to muster forth an allegiance by the peasants of the day. At the core religion is filled with fantastical stories that are scientifically unreasonable and in many cases just plain banal (boring). How anyone could believe in such baloney is beyond me, a simple peasant in this day and age of the year 2015.

It's hard to go a day by without hearing stories of religiously motivated incidents. By this point I think we're all just indifferent to the sadomasochism that prevails in this world. We're too busy getting by and worrying about our own affairs to care much about the struggles of peoples being oppressed in the far corners of the globe. A wake up call needs not be when it affects you personally. I have friends from the Middle East and most are peaceful folk who are well mannered and all. However, when asked why the females wear their burqah (the headscarf) they respond ever so quaintly "it's to do with modesty".

The cold hard fact is that they're only given that choice here in a secular society. Had it been a question posed in secrecy to those who reside in theocracies such as Saudi Arabia, somehow, I sense a different response would be had. In most countries in the Middle East women are required by law to cover themselves up for the sake of "decency". What decency is there in a barbaric book (the Qur'an) where the prophet Muhammad sodomises a 9 year old that he wed at her tender age of 6?

I applaud you if you are still reading this post filled with vile, anti-religious sentiments, but am I wrong to question such idiotic lunacy?