Wednesday, December 23, 2009

DotA 6.65 Released!

Defense of the Ancients version 6.65, developed by Icefrog himself, has just been released. The initial release had some problems such as loading issues on but have since been fixed. A changelog has been released to accompany the new version.

There have been many changes but the latest version has also seen the inclusion of 2 new heroes - namely the Murloc Nightcrawler and the Ancient Apparition.

RuneScape Christmas Event 2009

It's the season to be jolly and boy is it so! If it only it were that simple for the Queen of Snow and Santa Claus himself. This year, Santa (Nick) has been kidnapped by an angry old love of the Queen of Snow; Ebenezer Scourge - a definite reference to Ebenezer Scrooge (from Charles Dicken's 'A Christmas Carol' 1843).

In this quest titled 'A Christmas Warble', you must somehow convince Ebenezer to allow the Christmas feast to go on. Santa must be freed so that there will be a Christmas at all! If you are successful, a fun little reward will head your way.

Merry Christmas to all and have a safe and Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merlin Season 2 Episode 13 (Season Finale)

As the Great Dragon ravages Camelot, Arthur and Merlin must seek out the last remaining Dragonlord named Balinor. Merlin discovers through Gaius that Balinor is in fact Merlin's father. At first, he refuses to help Camelot - accusing King Uther of betraying his kind. However, after finding out Merlin is his son, he changes his mind. Tragically, a band of guards ambushes Balinor, Arthur and Merlin and kills Balinor.

Knowing that he is the last of his kind, Merlin attempts to persuade the Great Dragon to leave Camelot, but after he refuses, Merlin unleashes his gift of persuading the Dragon to finally leave Camelot. Just as Merlin seems to be about to slay the Dragon, he spares him. The Great Dragon remarks that Merlin's clemency shall not be forgotten and that their paths will almost certainly cross once more. As Arthur and Merlin head back into Camelot, they are met by loved ones - Gwen runs towards Arthur saying "I thought I'd lost you" whilst Merlin is met by Gaius expresses his sadness at the passing of Merlin's father, at which point Merlin jokes that he will just have to make do with Gaius.

Season 3 has been confirmed and is expected to begin airing at the usual period of around September in 2010 on BBC1.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Merlin BBC Season 3 Confirmed!

The popular BBC fantasy series Merlin is set to have a 3rd season according to this article.

Confirmation was also given by the two leading actors - Bradley James (Arthur) and Colin Morgan (Merlin) recently on the Paul O'Grady Show. "Yes we will be doing a 3rd series." said Morgan nearing the end of that particular show. For Merlin fans, this is wonderful news as the legend continues. There is so much more yet to be revealed such as when Lancelot will return and penultimately Arthur's ascension to the throne of Camelot and Merlin's magical revelation.

So far, there have been a total of 23 episodes aired since the series began (13 episodes per season). In the latest instalment entitled The Witch's Quickening, which airs on BBC1 in a few hours time, a precious magical relic locked in a vault below Camelot by King Uther is stolen. This relic is known as the Crystal of Neahtid and countless people have died trying to claim it for themselves. However, could the warlock Alvarr be the first to succeed? In this episode, Merlin must stop him, or should I say Mordred and Morgana rather. Mordred is destined to fatally wound Prince Arthur and Morgana is believed to be a powerful sorceress. The two have a strong bond which might prove a threat to the destiny of Arthur, Merlin and of all of Camelot!

Friday, December 4, 2009

2010 FIFA World Cup Final Draw

For those eagerly awaiting next year's FIFA World Cup to be hosted for the first time ever in South Africa, Africa - the final draw has been made and here are the results:
Group A
South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France
Group B
Argentina, Nigeria, Korea Republic (South Korea), Greece
Group C
England, USA, Algeria, Slovenia
Group D
Germany, Australia, Serbia, Ghana
Group E
Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, Cameroon
Group F
Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand, Slovakia
Group G
Brazil, Korea DPR (North Korea), Ivory Coast (Côte D'Ivoire), Portugal
Group H
Spain, Switzerland, Honduras, Chile

Thursday, December 3, 2009

RuneScape: The Temple at Senntisten - Quest Guide

The Temple at Senntisten Quest Guide,
by: I Am Dolmar

Quest Description:
Ali the Wise has been talking to one of his 'old friends' - a certain Dr Nabanik - about your various dealings with the mysterious Mahjarrat. As a result, Dr Nabanik thinks you would be the perfect candidate to aid him in his restoration of the temple beneath the Digsite, but to what end?

Release date:
3 December 2009

Start Point:
Talk to Ali the Wise in Nardah.


Length: Medium-Long

Level 50 Prayer
Desert Treasure
Devious Minds
The Curse of Arrav
125 Kudos

Items Needed:
Anti-fire shield or Super antifire potion
Food, Armour, Weapon
A few telegrab runes (1 law + 1 air per spell)
Hammer (can be looted from crates)

2 Quest Points
1x Lamp (23,000 xp in any skill)
2x Lamps (20,000 xp in any combat skill)
10,000 Prayer xp
Access to the altar at Senntisten Temple (below the Digsite)
Access to a new prayer set (the Ancient Curses)
*It is also believed that after the quest is completed, the Barrows brothers will no longer drain your prayer!


1. Talk to Ali the Wise in Nardah. He will tell you to speak to Dr. Nabanik at the Digsite Exam Centre, east of Varrock. Ali will give you an amulet to teleport directly to him should you wish to do so.
2. Use the amulet or teleport to Varrock and head to the Digsite Exam Centre and speak with Dr. Nabanik. After speaking with him, he will reveal to you that he is actually a Zarosian Mahjarrat called Azzanadra (from the Desert Treasure Quest). He asks you to get him a certificate in order to restore the altar beneath the Digsite.
3. Go inside the Exam Centre and speak with the Archaeologist Expert. You can choose to fabricate all types of information about Dr. Nabanik and eventually the Expert will be convinced to the point at which he will hand you a Restoration Certificate.
4. Talk to Dr. Nabanik once more and he will tell you to meet him down in the temple below the Digsite. He will provide you with a rope.
5. The winch is found near the centre of the Digsite. Use a rope on the winch and operate it. Head down to the temple and speak to Azzanadra. He will ask you two favours whilst the restoration of the altar is taking place. He will ask you to retrieve two items; a Barrows Icon and a Frostenhorn. To retrieve these items, you will need to head to Morytania and the Wilderness respectively. The order in which you retrieve the items is not important.

Frostenhorn - Wilderness
Items needed: Runes for Telegrab, a Hammer (it is possible to loot this after searching the crates), the fire orb.
Items recommended: Some food, anti-fire shield, a prayer potion, weapon and armour for a lvl 177 demon.
WARNING: You are heading out into the Deep Wilderness, be prepared!

1. When you query about this part, Azzanadra will give you a backpack. Opening it gives you a letter and a fire orb. Read the letter and then use the letter on him. He will tell you that it was a letter from his last contact assigned to your very mission to the wilderness.
2. Once prepared, head out into the Deep Wilderness. A recommended route is via the lever, South-west of the Pub in East Ardougne.
3. Head to the Frozen Waste Plateau located west of the Wilderness Agility Course. Place the fire orb you received onto the pedestal and squeeze past the ice on your way into the Castle. Beware of the dragons on the other side! Equip an anti-fire shield if possible.
4. Once you enter the Castle grounds, climb up the stairs and run east, then climb down the stairs. You should be in a bunker with a locked door. To the left of the door, scale the wall. Head north to the smashed pedestal and then west. Climb down the wall and enter the trapdoor. This is the first level of the dungeon. You will now have to solve a puzzle involving orbs and telegrabbing.
5. Head inside the dungeon and place an orb on the pedestal in the same room as you climb down the trapdoor. This should melt the ice block which is blocking passage into the room with the ladder going down in the west Stand near the passage and telegrab the orb from the pedestal. Now place the orb into the pedestal in the room with the ladder. The ice block should melt and you will need to head down the ladder. Go in the small room to the south and grab the orb on the floor. Place it on the pedestal in the room you entered into. Head east and grab the orb on the pedestal. That orb should infact be the one with rock chunks in it (imperfect globe/orb). Take it back to the surface and climb back up the walls. The imperfect globe/orb is found on the second level of the dungeon after you go down the ladder inside. Take it out to the surface.
6. Place it into the Smashed Pedestal on the ground and it will glow. A short cutscene will follow showing the broken pedestal rolling down into the hole. Now run back to the second level of the dungeon. Grab another orb in the small room to the south of the ladder. Run east and then south and there you should see a pipe leading into a room. Use the orb on it and it should get stuck. Use a hammer on the pipe and it will roll and bounce onto the pedestal, melting the ice block allowing you to access the room by running west, south past the pedestal then east. In that room, climb up the ladder.
7. Once up the ladder, go west and you will encounter a lvl 177 Ice Demon. Kill it (use Protect from Magic), and it will drop Frostenhorn. The Ice Demon attacks with magic and can use a freezing spell which can penetrate your protection prayer, so be careful! Don't forget to pick up the Frostenhorn!
8. Head back to the temple/altar and talk to Azzanadra.

Barrows Icon - Morytania
Items needed: Food, armour, weapons,
Items recommended: Prayer potions, decent-good food, armour, weapons, runes
WARNING: You are about to fight the Barrows Brothers! En garde!

1. Azzanadra will give you any advice you need concerning this part. If you do not need any advice, get ready!
2. Defeat the first 5 Barrow Brothers in the normal manner. What to bring is up to you, and it's much better for you to consult an online guide as I am terribly ill-informed about how to defeat them. Don't forget to bring a spade, a few prayer potions, good food, armour, weapons, runes etc.
3. After you defeat the first 5 brothers, head into the secret tunnel via the last brother's sarcophagus. Make your way to the middle room and open the chest. The last brother will either attack you here or appear while you try to open another door. Either way, defeat him and along with any loot, don't forget to take the Barrows Icon out of the chest!
4. Head back to the temple/altar at the Digsite.


6. Speak to Azzanadra and he will ask you to retrieve an item from another contact waiting by the winch. Simply head up to the surface and talk to the Assassin nearby. He will toss you a relic, bring it down to Azzanadra. After getting mad about how the Saradominists 'defaced' the relic, a cutscene will follow suggesting that Zaros is planning to return to Gielinor, and also in that cutscene, a Zamorak statue is ruined causing the Zamorakian mages to plot vengeance against the Saradominists - whom they believe were responsible. Talk to Azzanadra once more.



2 Quest Points

1x Lamp (23,000 xp in any skill)

2x Lamps (20,000 xp in any combat skill)

10,000 Prayer xp

Access to the altar at Senntisten Temple (below the Digsite)

Access to a new prayer set (the Ancient Curses)

*It is also believed that after the quest is completed, the Barrows brothers will no longer drain your prayer!

NOTE: Don't forget to read your Ancient Hymnal (the book) followed by praying at the altar to active/deactivate your Curse set. You can also deactivate the Curse set at any normal altar.