Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merlin Season 2 Episode 13 (Season Finale)

As the Great Dragon ravages Camelot, Arthur and Merlin must seek out the last remaining Dragonlord named Balinor. Merlin discovers through Gaius that Balinor is in fact Merlin's father. At first, he refuses to help Camelot - accusing King Uther of betraying his kind. However, after finding out Merlin is his son, he changes his mind. Tragically, a band of guards ambushes Balinor, Arthur and Merlin and kills Balinor.

Knowing that he is the last of his kind, Merlin attempts to persuade the Great Dragon to leave Camelot, but after he refuses, Merlin unleashes his gift of persuading the Dragon to finally leave Camelot. Just as Merlin seems to be about to slay the Dragon, he spares him. The Great Dragon remarks that Merlin's clemency shall not be forgotten and that their paths will almost certainly cross once more. As Arthur and Merlin head back into Camelot, they are met by loved ones - Gwen runs towards Arthur saying "I thought I'd lost you" whilst Merlin is met by Gaius expresses his sadness at the passing of Merlin's father, at which point Merlin jokes that he will just have to make do with Gaius.

Season 3 has been confirmed and is expected to begin airing at the usual period of around September in 2010 on BBC1.

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